Consistent Walks

(4-5 walks per week, see below for Non-Consistent walks)

  • $11 for 15 Minutes
  • $16 for 30 Minutes
  • $21 for 45 Minutes
  • $26 for 60 Minutes

DAILY UPDATES: $50 per month surcharge for daily texts after walks. No charge to leave a daily note with pen and paper.

NOTE: All walks booked on public holidays, weekends, and outside normal business hours walks carry a $10 surcharge. Private/solo walks are also $10 extra.

Non-Consistent Walks

15 minutes

  • $12 (2 to 3 walks per week)
  • $13 (1 walk per week)

**15 minute walks are only available 11am-2pm, M-F

30 minutes

  • $17 (2 to 3 walks per week)
  • $18 (1 walk per week)

45 minutes

  • $22 (2 to 3 walks per week)
  • $23 (1 walk per week)
60 minutes
  • $27 (2 to 3 walks per week)
  • $28 (1 walk per week)

Running Services (Seasonal)

  • $32 for 30 Minutes

*Available 9-11 AM Only, M-F

Other Services

  • $16 for 15 Minute Private Cat Visits

Professional Dog & Puppy Training

Is your pup at least 6 months old? Does he or she need to learn proper on-and-off leash skills? We’ve got you covered! Our professional dog and puppy training program takes your pup to our Bark Ave facility in Somerset, NJ for 7 days where our Master Dog Trainer will work one-on-one with your pup. All food and training materials are included in the package. After your dog has completed the program, our trainer will work with you to show off your pup’s new skills and make sure he/she continues in the right direction.

The facility is situated on one acre of land next to a National Park – so the training is both safe and private! The training is intense, effective & long-lasting. For more information, contact and we will put you in touch with our Master Dog Trainer.

Cost: $1,200 
Please click here for more information.

Pet Insurance

Bark Ave is proud to announce its partnership with the leading Pet Insurance provider in the country, FIGO

What is pet insurance & why do you need it?

Just like us “hoomans,” our pets need health care too! FIGO offers 3 flexible plans that cover those unexpected illnesses or injuries, freeing you from financial stress. FIGO plans average less than $1.50 per day! Click here to get 5% off your plan when you request a quote & sign up!*

*You will only get the discount by clicking on the link above

**If you pay annually you will receive an additional 5% off!

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