Get to Know Those Who Run This Outfit

Bark Ave Dog Walkers, LLC. was founded in 2010. The company was established by two dog lovers who thought that every dog in the city should not just be “walked,” but have some fun each day! On our walks we make sure your dog is having a good time or we feel like we are not doing our job! Our mission to give your dog an optimal experience, that is, to let your dog be a dog!

Founder and President: Christopher Turi

Christopher was raised in Florida and moved to New York City several years ago. After working in banking and on Wall Street, he decided it was time for a change in late 2010. He had always loved dogs and thought he could offer superior dog-walking and dog-sitting service on the Upper East Side. The focus was to be on quality, not quantity. The company would not only stress “exercise” or “training” but on these things along with making sure your dogs have a great time! Most dogs instantly respect him because of his unique “friendly-alpha-male” approach. Big or small, aggressive or gregarious, he can handle your pup!

Co-founder and Vice President: Dylan Freed

Dylan, like Christopher, lived in Florida. They grew up together. Sharing the same passion for dogs and for being entrepreneurs, they decided to start Bark Avenue Dog Walkers, LLC. Dylan has extensive dog training experience (he grew up with a Golden Retrievers, Labs, and many German Shepards (even a German Shepard wolf mix!)). Dylan has lived in New York City since 2002 and knows the city streets and parks very well. He will always try to take your dog on an adventure, not just a walk.